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Learning and understanding canine and canine behaviour through scientific, studied and researched techniques of dog training, is what Indian Institute of Canine Studies aims to impart as part of dog training knowledge. We adopt expertise from all the best trainers across the globe and combine it to deliver courses packed full of this information and easily applicable on the training field.

Accredited courses on basic and advanced obedience training, health and nutrition, first aid and holistic medicine, grooming and general maintenance, security and protection training, scent detection training, advanced protection training, sport training are some of the courses we offer. 

After completing one of our online courses, students are advised to undertake our practical onsite courses to further their knowledge with hands on training.

IICS courses now available in Hindi

IICS ​पाठ्यक्रम (कोर्सेज) अब हिंदी में उपलब्ध


The amount of force used to train a dog is proportional to the amount of skill someone has.
The more force, the less skilled. The more skilled, the less force. 

Featured courses

Dog training for beginners



History of Canis lupus 

Basic Canine behaviour

Basic canine nutrition 

Basic health care and grooming

Training methods and their     application 

Imprinting and basic commands

Our Mission

Canine Behavioural Diploma


General behavioural attributes of  canines

How to deal with aggression 

Early corrections and behaviour fixing

reward based corrections 

Modern day method of training

Selecting & raising a family protection dog


Selecting the right puppy for your environment and needs

selecting a family protection dog

difference between family and professional protection canine

what to look for in a family protection dog

Dos & Don'ts while raising a family protection dog