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Fill out a Basic

Please fill out details in the contact form with name of the course you would like to enrol in.


Confirm via email received from IICS

Confirm application for a course by replying to the email from IICS admissions. 


Make payment and get started

Make payment via the payment options given on the website and in the confirmation email. and receive your first module.


All our admissions for courses are done online and via email. The procedure to apply for the courses is as follows:

1. Fill out the contact form with contact details and in the description box mention the name of the course you

want to enrol for.

2. Our admission team at IICS will get in touch with you via email, followed up with a phone call to confirm the course you have selected and to answer any preliminary questions you may have regarding the course in question.

3. You can make a direct payment through the payment method options mentioned on the website or you can call us to verify an alternate payment method (like bank transfer).

4. Once we confirm payment in full, we will email you the course work, unit-by-unit, and at the end of each unit there will be a test conducted. 

5. Tests are comprehensive and answers will have to be shared via email on the same email link chain. Please be sure to mark the course name and unit that you are answering in your emails. 

6. A fair assessment will be done of your tests by qualified canine professors of IICS and grades will be assigned based on quality of answers and the amount of research that goes in from the student's end. Please note that any copied answering material will not be entertained and may result in negative marking or not passing of the course. Answers must be original.

7. Once satisfactory grades are given to the students with a PASS status, a certificate of completion of said course will be allotted to the student, accredited and signed by the IICS. Please allow 5 to 7 working days for the dispatch of the certificate and an additional 5 to 10 days of delivery of the certificate due to unforeseen circumstances with the post due to the COVID situation. 


New Students Apply Here

Please make sure you fill out all details correctly and leave your contact number and email address for IICS admissions team to reach you easily.


IICS Policies 

Terms of Enrolment 

Upon enrolling in a course with any educational institution, (herein, IICS - Indian Institute of Canine Studies) a student enters into a legal agreement under common law in which they agree to abide by the conditions of enrolment in exchange for the service offered by the institution, by way of delivery of the course.


Time Limits For Completing The Online Dog Courses

 You have a period of six months from the date of enrolment within which to complete your online dog course. If you haven’t made contact with the institute within three months or more, please send us an email to let us know that you are still keen on the course and we may extend the timeline, depending on the reason for extension. 


Final Grading

 Upon successful completion of your chosen programme of study, your Diploma / Certificate will be awarded as a PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION. The grading will be awarded based upon the student’s commitment to study, quality of work submitted and extra research undertaken throughout the duration of the online course.



 Please note that plagiarism will not be tolerated at IICS. No material should be copied word for word either from the course material or the internet and should be written entirely by the students from their understanding of the course. If the answers are found to be lifted from any source, the unit will automatically be marked as NA (Not applicable) and the student will be given one more attempt to finish the unit honestly, the violation of which will attract expulsion from the course the student is not eligible for a refund. 


Student Conduct

 We encourage students to ask questions about the topics we teach at IICS and enquire after any course related queries they may have. Our professors and tutors are here to answer and resolve these doubts. However, if there is a conflict of opinion between he students and tutors, we urge the students to approach the matter politely and our tutors will address the matter in the utmost professional manner. There will be zero-tolerance to bad language or slander, which may attract legal action towards the accused and the course admission will be terminated automatically with IICS without notice or explanation and no refund will be issued. 



Submissions of answers can be done via email as the body copy or as an attachment in a word document. Students are expected to give precise answers to questions when asked and an essay when asked. The answers should be clear and concise. Please allow 10-15 days for the submissions to be evaluated by our professors and to mail back the pass status. 

Marking - PASS or RE-ATTEMPTs

 Each unit is marked Passed if the unit is answered well with an understanding of the course contents, and marked re-attempt if the answers and the understanding of the course is not satisfactory. Each student gets 3 re-attempts after which they will have to begin the course all over again. 

Privacy Policy 

All information collected by IICS of all their students is strictly confidential and is recorded and stored in the institute's database for internal purposes of marking, grading, communication/correspondence with students, only. We do not share student information unless written permission is given by the student, for example if we are asked for a reference by a third party/from a prospective employer.

Any information provided to us will be used with the sole intention of communicating with the student regarding their course, grades and feedback. Data is never shared, sold or passed on.

Returns & Refunds Policy

We do not offer refunds if a student demands it based on a disagreement with the institute or out of misconduct with the staff of IICS online.

Refunds may be issued under the following circumstances : 

1. In case a student has enrolled into a course and decides within 2 working days (Monday to Friday), due to whatever reason, that hey would like to discontinue the course. 

2. The refund will only be issued if the course material has not been sent to the student within these two working days or if the student has asked for such refund without first receiving the course material. 

3. If a student decides to switch to another course after paying for one, he/she may be allowed to do so, provided they have not begun the course and not received any course material, and either a refund of he balance amount (if any) or an extra payment (if any) to cover another course selected may be allowed.