Contents : 


  • Canine Genetics and psychology. 
  • Are all Dogs the Same? - Breed based behavioural attributes.
  • Hormones, Health & Diet – Their Influence on Canine Behaviour
  • Body Language and reading a dog's mood.
  • Imprinting, Early Learning, Mum and Pack’s Influence, Socialisation, Habituation
  • How Canines Learn, Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, Discipline etc.
  • Dominance and Pack structure - Social Structure of the Dog
  • Discipline and Natural correction / Punishment in Canines
  • Aggression and all its Forms
  • Fears, Phobias & Anxiety
  • The Role of The Owner's Influence, Energy, Personality on the Canine

Canine Behavioural Diploma

  • This course offers the latest informtion and studies, the newest understanding of social structure in canine, and debating topics such as dominance in dogs. This Canine Behavioural Diploma course will get you thinking and understanding about dogs' psychology and behaviour like never before.

    It is the first dog behaviour course to study and consider both Positive Reward Training and its application in the human-dog relationship, and the more physical world of dog behaviour amongst dogs. We debate and question topics such as pack structure, appeasement gestures, the need for an authority figure, and the relevant scientific studies. Reasons for aggressions, signs and how to corect them, getting to the root of the problem, dominance as a result of insecurity or a behavioural attribute, we cover all these and more topic that are asked when understanding Dog Behaviour.

    This course does not only educate you in the field of understanding dog behaviour but will challenge everything you thought you knew about dogs and dog psychology, calling on the work of Fisher, Scott and Fuller, Bruce Fogle, Ray and Lorna Coppinger, Stephen Budiansky, Ian Dunbar and many more leading experts.