Contents :


  • Basic Canine Health
  • Preventing Health Problems
  • Building Blocks of Good Nutrition
  • Canine Feeding And Supplements
  • Special Nutritional Needs of Canine
  • How The Canine Body Works
  • Common Conditions in Canine
  • Fighting Viruses And Bugs
  • Canine First Aid And Drug Therapy
  • Alternative Health and Nutrition
  • Raw Feeding Diet in Detail
  • The Importance Of Exercise
  • Senior Canine Health

Canine Nutrition Diploma

  • There is a recent growth in demand for Canine Nutritionists as Canine health and nutrition is a subject that has not gotten enough attenion the past and people are moving toward an interest in this topic. 

    There are a wide selection of variables which can affect the health of your dog. Knowledge on the right diet for our dogs and how to keep parasites and viruses at bay with the right nutrition isn every dog owners wish, as it not only provides the optimal nutrition to our dogs but also helps keep vet bills low. 

    Nutrition is the most vital part of your dogs health. With such a varied choice of dog foods in the market, it can be very confusing, especially for new dog owners to pick the right dog food that provides whole nutrition to their dogs. However with the knowledge of nutirion needs of your dog one can mae an informed decision. Canine health and nutrition can be very scientific, so this course aims to break it down to the essentials that you need to know. This course also covers remidies for allergies and special nutritional needs during different stages of a dog's life.

    As with humans many believe that a holistic approach to healthcare is better than using drugs to treat ailments and so alternative therapies are sought. Raw feeding is a part of this holistic approach to health for many owners and this is covered in detail to help you decide if you want to go ahead with processed dog food or a raw diet.