Contents :


  • History of Canis lupus 

  • Basic canine nutrition 

  • Basic health care and grooming

  • Training methods and their application 

  • Imprinting and basic commands

Dog Training for Beginners

  • This course covers the basics of training your dog in order for him to fit inot and adapt to your lifestyle, requirements and share a harmonious co-exisitng environment. This course informs and educates you on the basics command you need to teach your dog and how to obtain the acceptable or desired bevaiour when bringing a dog to your home. It covers basic commands, understanding canine psychology, behaviours and attributes, reward based training, puppy imprinting at home, encouraging desired behaviour with rewards and discouraging unwanted behaviour by stern but gentle corrections in puppies. 

    This course is ideal forthose who want to get into the dog training world to first understand what are the various fields of training there are and how to mould and share your dog in each field. It is also a very informative and helpful course for first time dog owners and for those who are looking to train their dog their way at home as it is the nest way to build a bond between you and your dog.