Contents :


  • Selecting a family protection dog
  • Various breeds that specialise in protection 
  • Protection and security training
  • How to imprint a puppy for protection work
  • Protection equipment and training techniques
  • Keeping up the training at home


Selecting and Raising a Family Protection Dog

  • Selecting the right dog for the right reason and job are as important as the decision to get a dog home. 

    Every Dog breed specialises in a particular job an must be utilised for the job they excel in. There are dogs that excel in sniffer work, those that excel in protection, and those that are hounds or search and rescue dogs, to name a few.

    This course talks about selecting a dog for the primary objective of protecting a family and all its members. There are various do's and dont's, various training routines, socializing, imprinting, scenario training, and lots of various elements that go into preparing and training a family protection dog.